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About us

JP Musical Instruments has long been regarded as a specialist musical instrument supplier designing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of brass & woodwind instruments.

John Packer started his woodwind and brass business nearly 40 years ago. From humble beginnings with a small woodwind repair shop in Taunton, Somerset, his reputation quickly grew. John was well known for his expertise and great customer service in the UK and across the world. Both a musician and trained oboe maker and repairer, John has since consulted on the design of instruments for a number of major manufacturers including Yamaha, Boosey & Hawkes and Schreiber. John has used his experience to create a multitude of features on the JP range of instruments which are now popular across the globe. This process is ongoing with regular trips to the factory to work with the technicians actually on the production line.

JP Musical Instruments
Images (left to right): Kornel Fekete-Kovacs playing the JP351SW LT lightweight Bb Trumpet. Carol Jarvis playing the JP231 RATH Bb Tenor Trombone on tour with Seal in 2012. Ben Somers playing the JP144 Cadence Eb Baritone Saxophone on tour with Seal in 2012.

John Packer is passionate about music and its benefits and strives to encourage its adoption in all walks of life. Working with both professional musicians, first time players and everyone in between, he has a unique perspective of the industry and uses this to inform the instruments that we develop.

JP Musical Instruments are a dominant force within the UK education sector and have been recommended by private instrument teachers for many years. The instruments have a strong reputation for delivering durable and student friendly performance. We understand that student level instruments are as important, if not more important, than professional level instruments as any hindrance to the progress of first time and younger players could inevitably see them stop playing completely. This is why so many teachers and students have trusted the JP brand to help them start their musical journey.

In recent years we have formed special collaborations with three prestigious makers (Michael Rath of Rath Trombones, Paul Riggett of Sterling Musical Instruments and Dr Richard Smith of Smith-Watkins) to develop a special range of JP instruments. For further information about these partnerships see the JP Rath, JP Sterling and JP Smith-Watkins about us pages.

Our Promise

When purchasing an instrument baring John Packer's name, we make a five point promise to our customers:

Superior Performance

All JP Musical Instruments are priced with a high performance:cost ratio ensuring that players get maximum value from their instrument purchase. We are told again and again that our instruments far outperform others within the same price brackets. This is in-line with our mission statement to get more students playing an instrument and to encourage more first time players to pick u pan instrument. We believe that by providing a high performing instrument, students will progress further and at a faster rate.

Technical Accuracy

Durability and reliability of our instruments and their constituent components is of paramount important to us. Levels of quality control are tightly monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. We are proud of the quality of instruments we produce and are confident about their reliability. We are aware that instruments in schools, college and music services are well used and sometimes rarely maintained and look to build sturdy and robust products that will stand the test of time.

Suitable Specification

The right tool for the job is always important especially when it comes to picking the correct musical instrument. We have a unique awareness of the specific needs of players including younger players with smaller hands and those that need instruments to be modified. We have developed a number of reduced keywork instruments tailored with the younger player in mind. Easier to play and maintain, these instruments see players develop faster and enable them to start at a younger age.

Eye-catching Presentation

We understand that the look and feel of an instrument does impact on players’ purchase decision especially with younger musicians. We have developed an attractive range of eye catching cases that are supplied with our student level instruments and are sure to be the pride and joy of younger students. Many of our instruments are also available in a range of attractive finishes including antique, vintage, black nickel and rose brass.

Reliable Playing Condition

All Instruments are guaranteed to arrive in a full playing order. If you are unhappy we gladly will work with you to ensure that the instrument performs to your expectations. Please see our warranty information page for further details.

Our Location

JP Musical Instruments
141, Staplegrove Road
+44 (0)1823 337614

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