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JP333 RATH Bb/F Bass Trombone
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JP333 RATH Bb/F Bass Trombone

The JP333 Rath is John Packer's Double Valve Bass Trombone and is suitable for musicians who are looking for a mid range/pro level instrument perfectly suited to orchestral playing or brass bands.

The JP333 Bass Trombone has a lovely broad sound, developed in collaboration with UK trombone guru Michael Rath. This JP Rath design combines combines a double in-line rotary valve with a modern open wrap style.  

The development of the JP333 Rath saw the instrument finely balanced with the help of a counter weight to ensure an excellent playing experience for musicians of all levels Unique benefits:

Key :
Bore :
Large bore (.562")
Bell :
9.5" bell high grade brass
Slide :
Yellow Brass
Tuning slide :
Yellow Brass
Valves :
Waterkeys :
Finishes :
Supplied with :
JP mouthpiece, JP pro lightweight case and an Ultra-pure Maintenance Pack

The JP333 Rath features a .562" bore and a 9.5" bell and is constructed from high grade brass throughout. The instrument also features an exclusive Michael Rath design leadpipe which supports flexibility throughout the whole register. An extremely high level of craftsmanship is apparent throughout, as is to be expected with instruments that bare the Rath seal of approval.

The JP333 Rath Trombone is supplied with a JP mouthpiece, JP pro lightweight case and an Ultra-pure Maintenance Pack. The case is well designed to be robust yet lightweight and to provide as much protection to your instrument as possible. It is equipped with backpack straps and a comfortable should strap as standard and also includes a small storage pocket accessible from the outside suitable for storing small accessories and sheet music.

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Ceth Barnett Barnett Music Exchange Tulsa. OK
    The JP333Rath Bass Trombone has met my expectations as a performing bass trombone player. The Rath Designed rotors are quick and responsive and the playability is second to none. It produces a rich, dark sound, but when you need it to pop, it will do that too. Honestly, it's comparable, if not better than other bass trombones in the marketplace that have double the price tag.
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