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About DF Music

Richard Galime, the owner of DF Music, purchased the company from his good friend, the company's founder, Dan Fisher in 2017. Previously Richard had been the brand manager for Denis Wick products in North America, as well as the Midwestern Sales Manager at Conn-Selmer, so he was well-versed in quality musical products and sales.
Purchasing DF Music gave Richard the flexibility to set-up his own unique customer experience while combining it with the DF music brand name and customer base that Dan had cultivated.


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DF Music stands out from other musical retails in its unique business model. Not only does the company offer exceptional customer service through their detailed product experience, but they choose to specialise in the limited brands that they carry.

For instance, instead of offering a small section of multiple brands, they carry everything there is to offer on a few select brands. For this to work they have to choose the right companies to work with - John Packer fits them perfectly. 

What's it like being a JP Dealer?

"John Packer offers a full line of the very best beginner and advanced level brass and woodwind instruments. There are a lot of great instruments out there, but most companies do not offer that across the board. They may have a great flute or a quality student trumpet, but only John Packer offers a great option in every category of brass and woodwind.

"Because DF Music specializes in John Packer we take the time to master the product knowledge of each of those instruments. We utilize that product expertise combined with John Packer's great selection to offer our customers the best information and the best instrument for their needs. And because we aren’t struggling to sell competitive brands we are able to carry more inventory while still offering competitive prices."

Richard Galime
DF Music 


Richard Galime

What do we say?

"DF music were one of our very first dealers stateside. Dan Fisher (hence the DF) was relentless in his drive and determination and in those early years opened some big doors for us in both the US school system and especially the Salvation Army. The new owner Richard Galime we have known for about as long through his career with Denis Wick and Conn Selmer before purchasing DF music from Dan.
A fresh set of eyes and ideas on any business is always a good thing, especially from Richard with the wealth of experience he brings to the table. Our business with DF Music continues to grow and we look forward to working together long into the future."

Rob Hanson
JPMI Director