About Lutner SPb

Lutner SPb Ltd is the wholesale enterprise enjoying the best reputation and has been distributing a number of prominent brands across Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, serving a geographically vast and ethnically diverse market. The company introduced into the Russian music market at the very end of the 20th century, at the moment when the music market collapsed and many distributors shut down. Since its emerging, the company has grown rapidly and became one of  the leaders of Russian music industry, developed a unique business model to address the challenges presented by Russian's vast spaces  and  diverse  population. Now Lutner SPb Ltd deals in virtually every segment of music and audio gears, from fretted instrument to orchestral products.  


St Petersburg

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Nowadays Lutner SPb Ltd runs a national chain which exceeds 800 dealers; each of them operates from a single to several retail outlets. The chain covers a land mass from westernmost stores in Kaliningrad to the ones at Far-East regions, including Euro-Asian Community (EAC) member states: Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The chain is handled by the sales team of professionals - all hired for a specific combination of education, skills and experience that they share in common. All are highly successful in their positions and completely committed to dramatically increasing the sales results.


What's it like being a JP Dealer?

"In a worldwide shrinking musical market when the business is getting more and more complex and demanding, Lutner SPb Ltd explores unique opportunities to expand its presence on Russian music market and to increase returns. It's a dynamically growing company with the sales increasing by 15-20% annually."

Igor Zadneev
Lutner Spb

PHOTO: (From left)  Andrey Dubovoy, Sergey Antonov, Igor Zadneev


What do we say?

"Lutner are one of our oldest and most respected distributors.  Based in St Petersburg Russia I am fortunate to have been able to visit them numerous times and on a personal level St Petersburg is the most beautiful city I have ever visited.  Lutner distribute our products all over Russia to several hundred smaller music shops. We are proud to work with are partners at Lutner and we work very hard together to increase our joint venture into the Russian market."

Rob Hanson
JPMI Director