About Musikk-Miljø

Musikk-Miljø is one of the best and largest classical music dealers in Norway. It was founded in 1987, by Haakon P Bjørkhaug, and soon the rest of the family joined him running and working in the company. Haakon played trumpet and double bass, both as a classic and jazz musician, as well as conducting several school band and brass bands.



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As Musikk-Miljø has grown, so has their range; extending to woodwind, brass, bowed instruments, guitars, percussion, accessories and sheet music. Musikk-Miljø are both distributor and dealer of various brands.

The company enjoys a wide customer base from kindergartens to universities, brass and woodwind school bands to professional symphony orchestras. They are trusted voice in the music business.

What's it like being a JP Dealer? 

"We have been a JP dealers since 2011  and we are really impressed both by the instruments, the company and especially Rob Hanson who we have been working close with. Top service at all times."


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