Band Attic: "For the money, you can't go wrong with John Packer"

Band Attic: "For the money, you can't go wrong with John Packer"


Located in beautiful Spencer in North Carolina, The Band Attic has been stocking JP for 3 years. Read their story...

The Band Attic is a family owned music store which stocks a broad range of instruments for all ages of musician. They specialise in rentals, sell to schools direct  and also offer a repair service.

Tyler Howe manager/co-owner from the company had this to say about his experience working with JP Musical Instruments...

"The entire line is affordable for parents as well as schools. Quality far exceeds what you would expect for the money. Instruments play in tune and are durable for rental use and school bids. The plating of the silver instruments has a warm tone which is not characteristic of most silver-plated instruments from other brands. There is nothing that plays significantly better from other instrument brands. Any time a customer asks for something other than JP, it’s usually because a band director or private teacher has steered them in that direction.

"JP products are one of our favorites. To see a customer’s reaction when they do not know the brand (and thanks to many terribly made products from online brands), it’s truly rewarding to see the pleasant change of expression when they hear the quality of sound that comes from the instruments. 
"The brass line as a whole is remarkable with consistent slotting of notes and rich tone. Valves feel slick and the product is easy to repair. 
Woodwinds are consistent and in tune. Saxophones are a favorite in our store among staff and customers. Finishes are not tacky nor prone to flake like some brands, and the tone is warm and dark. 
"For the money, you can’t go wrong with John Packer.

"The Band Attic has had a wonderful experience with John Packer. We are fortunate to have a warehouse a short drive from our store and if a product is out of stock it comes off back order in a timely manner. 
"JP staff is readily available via email and always helpful. Quality and price of the instruments speaks for itself and there is something for everyone in the product line...The Band Attic is proud to carry JP in our stores."


Rob is pictured below with Keith Howe of The Band Attic.


Band Attic Summer NAMM 2017 Rob and Keith Howe

PHOTO from The Band Attic's Facebook page with caption: "For all of you John Packer Musical Instrument fans out there, this is the man that makes it happen! Rob is one of the most knowledgeable guys we have ever met and fully stands behind the John Packer brand. When we need instruments, he is the guy who makes it all happen for our amazing customers at The Band Attic."

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