Dan Jenkins (City of London Sinfonia) endorses JP854 Pro Trombone Case

Dan Jenkins (City of London Sinfonia) endorses JP854 Pro Trombone Case

Dan joined the City of London Sinfonia in 2004 having worked increasingly with the Orchestra for three or four years before that. He took over from the late great Roger Brenner when he moved from Principal to Second Trombone.

"The JP854 has a lot going for it. In design, there’s more than a passing nod to the Marcus Bonna brand in America, with various moving parts inside. But with these adjustable features comes flexibility, and the facility to put any shape or size of trombone in there, fill up the spaces and have the instrument sitting there snug and secure. 

"It’s a sort of Tetris for trombone players! And if you want to fit other items in there, some books or overnight touring accessories, just take out the moving parts. The space is well used. Outside the case, a variety of solid straps means there are four different ways of carrying the case (this is surprisingly useful when travelling), and it feels snug on your bag if you use it as a rucksack. 

"There’s the vital compartment for music attached to one side, wide enough for a big score, or several excerpt books, but even with all these useful features, the bag doesn’t feel cumbersome, and having used it for several weeks now, including a tour, it has become my day-to-day number one gig bag. But the big USP to prospective buyers is the price. Equivalent or similar bags retail at around $800. I’m happy to recommend this product to any player looking for a good, solid and functional new gig bag."​

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