David Fedderly from Baltimore Brass Co tells his JP Story

David Fedderly from Baltimore Brass Co tells his JP Story

Baltimore Brass in Maryland have 17 years history selling brass musical instruments. Owner  David Fedderly has a rich history as an orchestral tuba player and teacher.

David has been principal Tubist for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra,  Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Philadelphia Orchestra, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. He has also taught extensively during this times. This is what he had to say:

"Baltimore Brass Co. has  been selling JP Instruments for about 3 years. With the 3 levels available this was an easy decision to stop using a different brand where we were having constant warranty issues. Since selling JP we have had no problems with quality therefore no warranty headaches!

"The quality, pricing and fantastic company response make JP a smart choice for any retailer or player. Now with the addition of parts available to repair shops from Allied Supply getting parts when players have accidents with their horns is just a phone call away.  I could not be happier with the products and great people at John Packer. Thank you Rob Hanson and all the staff."



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