Harmony Trumpets: An introduction to the JP range

Harmony Trumpets: An introduction to the JP range


Most trumpet players will start on a Bb Trumpet but as they improve and take part in more advanced repertoire will need to start exploring harmony trumpets. Take a look at what JP has to offer:

JP152 C Trumpet


JP152 L Trumpet

Pitched in the key of C, this instrument is a great choice for players looking to play piano, flute or any other repertoire in the key of C without having to transpose. In particular the JP152 is a popular choice for use in churches playing from hymn books. C trumpets are predominantly aimed at orchestral players, and the JP152 has become a favourite of semi-pro players due to great performance at an attractive price point.

The JP152 features a Rose Brass leadpipe to assist a rounded sound and monel valves with smooth, fast action.

JP154 Piccolo Trumpet

JP154 Piccolo Trumpet
A rotary valved piccolo trumpet, the JP154 is a great choice for experienced players looking for their first piccolo. This model is ideal for occasional use in orchestras or exploring new repertoire such as Oboe concertos. The rotary valves features on the JP154 offer players a smooth playing experience, ideal for lyrical works.

The JP154 is supplied with Bb and A trumpet shank leadpipes to suit the requirements of the player.

JP254SW Piccolo Trumpet

Lacquer instrument shot

The JP254SW offers players a reliable and versatile piccolo trumpet and is ideal for regular use in Orchestras, Chamber Ensembles and solo settings. With a leadpipe designed by Smith-Watkins, the JP254SW offers players the free blowing experience and sound quality of professional models at a much lower price.

The JP254SW is supplied with 4 different leadpipes (Trumpet and Cornet shanks in Bb and A) and 2 mouthpieces offering the ability to customise depending on the player requirements and preferences.

​JP257SW Eb/D Trumpet

JP257SW trumpet instrument shot lacquer high res

Able to be switched between the keys of D and Eb, the JP257SW is the ideal first choice D/Eb trumpet for the advanced orchestral player looking to expand their repertoire, in particular the popular Haydn, Hummel and Neruda trumpet concertos. Featuring a leadpipe designed by Smith-Watkins, the JP257SW offers a rich, bold sound with the intonation and playability expected from professional models.

The JP257SW can easily be switched between D and Eb by changing the tuning and 3 valve slides with the extra slides provided.


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