International Trombone Festival 2019

International Trombone Festival 2019


The 2019 festival that celebrates all things tromone takes place July 10-13 at Munci in Indiana. Artists, teachers, students, professionals, industry leaders, and hobbyists gather annually to celebrate and explore the many facets and styles of trombone playing, teaching, and making.​


Founded in 1971 to celebrate the life and legacy of the great trombonist Emory Remington (a trombone professor at the Eastman Scholol of Music from 1922-1971), the festival was intended to continue in the tradition of trombone choirs that Remington had founded and conducted during his time in office.

Up until 1979 the event was held annually in Nashville, but now moves each year to various locations in the US and abroad. Since its inception the festival has continued to work to expand the trombone repertoire, with new commissions often featuring in the festival. It is also committed to education; hosting various workshops and masterclasses for trombonists of all abilities. It even hosts the final round of the International Trombone Association's solo and ensemble competitions. 


While John Packer Musical Instruments doesn't have an exhibition at this year's festival, there will undoubtedly be a fair few John Packer and John Packer Rath trombones in use!


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