Introducing a new JP Collaboration

Introducing a new JP Collaboration

The JP by Taylor is a fresh collaboration with one of the most exciting international custom trumpet designers.

John Packer has partnered with Andy Taylor of world-renowned Taylor Trumpets to deliver a jazz inspired trumpet with a big sound. Taylor Trumpets are highly prized and sought after by musicians from around the world. They are notorious for their unparalleled brightness of sound and ‘tank-like’ construction. The name Taylor is synonymous with excellence in the custom trumpet category, and we're delighted and extremely excited to see what wonderful instruments we can create with this fresh new collaboration.

Now available is the JP by Taylor trumpet, available in two finishes; lacquer and satin. The joint project features a handmade Taylor leadpipe, with Andy overseeing the full design and construction. This trumpet is a fantastic instrument at an affordable price point to enter the exclusive world of Taylors.

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