John Packer Trumpet Praised by US Retailers

John Packer Trumpet Praised by US Retailers

On the eve of its 10 year anniversary, the John Packer JP251SW Trumpet has been selected as a 2018 Music Inc. magazine Product Excellence Award winner by retailers in the US.

Music Inc.’s Excellence Awards are voted on by retailers, who select products that they felt were real “home-runs” that year.

Rick Thacker from Plum Grove Music which retails the John Packer range of musical instruments said the JP251 “wows” his customers every time. 
“When selecting a horn, everyone has a choice to make: price-point vs quality.  However, if you choose the JP251SWS, you can have both.”

This medium-large bore Bb trumpet was the second instrument to come from the highly successful collaboration between John Packer Musical Instruments and Dr Richard Smith of Smith-Watkins, created in 2009. 

With the brief of designing an instrument for the developing player, Dr Smith created a leadpipe that would offer excellent articulation and sound projection. The 251 has a one-piece bell and is constructed from high-grade 80:20 brass, giving it a bright and assertive tone. Stainless steel valves and an adjustable 1st and 3rd valve slides assist tuning and it features two water keys.  

With perfect synergy of high level performance at a very affordable price, it has comfortably secured its position as a top rental trumpet in the US, setting itself apart from other intermediate level trumpets, in both jazz and orchestral settings. 

Donovan Bankhead from Springfield Music has enjoyed great success with the trumpet.
“Not only have we found the quality and playability of the JP251SWS to be outstanding, but it has been a huge selling tool in picking up new school accounts. Being able to offer such a tremendous quality, professional instrument at a student rental price point makes the JP 251SWS a no-brainer for schools wanting the best products for their students.”


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