JP Introduces... The JP179B Tuba

JP Introduces... The JP179B Tuba

Owing to a demand in the US for front-facing valved tubas, JP has brought a new product to market. 

The new JP179B compact Bb tuba with its compact build and comfortable set up is an absolute beauty, equally suited to younger beginners and more established players.

For someone who plays EEb tubas, and sousaphones in jazz and New Orleans marching bands, the JP179B fits between these models as the perfect mix  between an orchestral instrument and pretty much anything else you want it to  - it's simply that versatile!

While this isn't a common instrument in the UK, with a forward facing action being more widely used in America and on the Continent, this tuba is brilliantly compact with 4 front facing valves; perfect for smaller musicians in wind bands, orchestras and concert bands alike.

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