JP Musical Instruments supports Tornado victims in Alabama

JP Musical Instruments supports Tornado victims

The tornado that struck near Beauregard in Alabama was devastating, wiping out just about every home with children attending Beauregard High School and Sanford Middle School.


After seeing the band students along with their director John Hillsman rallying together to help those in need on the national news, the manager of O'Malley's Music - a stockist of JP Musical Instruments in Douglas Georgia - called  the school to see if there was anything they could do to help. Miraculously the school was untouched and that only one child had lost an instrument. However, thinking ahead, John mentioned that because so many parents were having to completely rebuild lives and property, perhaps having some instruments on hand would insure that any child wanting to start middle school band would be able to do so.

Unaware that Beauragard was almost 5 hours away from O Malley's, JP Director Rob Hanson emailed Danny Maley about the tornado damage wondering if everyone at O’Malleys was ok. This gave  Danny the opportunity to pass along the idea of supplying instruments to under funded schools ravaged by the tornado. Rob quickly agreed to help him out.

The result is what you see here in these photos with the 7th grade band members. Along for the presentation is O'Malley associate John Reed who was a band director with Mr Hillsman at Jeff Davis High School’s "Yellow Jacket Band" in Hazlehurst, GA.

With the partnership of JP Musical Instruments of and O'Malley's the  Sanford Middle School Band Program recieved 2 new JP alto saxes, trombones, trumpets, clarinets,  flutes and saxophone.

O malley

O malley kids

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