Now children as young as 4 can learn the Flute

Now children as young as 4 can learn the Flute

When starting the flute you would normally need to be about roughly 8 years old before managing the length of a normal straight flute.  Younger players have often been put off learning by having to wait until their arms are long enough before they can start.

Now thanks to the JP010CH children can start as young as the age of 4, making it ideal for classrooms or Suzuki training.  It is still silver plated and looks and sounds like a flute but has some key benefits.

  • Curved headjoint- brings the instrument closer to the players body centralizing the weight and reducing the arm span needed to play.
  • No footjoint, 1 piece body- lightens the instrument and reduces the risk of damaging during assembly.
  • Simplified keywork- also lightens and simplifies the learning process by taking off unessecary keys.

After playing for a few years there is also the opportunity to progress onto the JP011CH (curved and straight head) or JP111 (straight head only) to have the complete note ranges.

Check out the JP range of flutes here 

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