Proud to work with The Salvation Army

Proud to work with The Salvation Army


John Packer Musical Instruments has been providing instruments to the Salvation Army for many years.

Music forms an integral part of Salvation Army worship and evangelism, since the first Salvation Army brass group was heard in 1878. Bands and songster brigades are an important part of church life and public events with the brass band as the most recognised feature of Salvation Army music. Justifiably, the expectation of brass instruments is high.   

The breadth, quality and affordability of the John Packer brass band range makes it a reliable choice; from beginner to experienced players; from Soprano Cornets to Tubas. Advancing musicians are well-served by our collaborative ranges with Smith-Watkins, Michael Rath Trombones and Sterling Musical Instruments.

After celebrating their 150th year in 2015 there are now more than 2,500 brass bands worldwide and an excess of 427,000 music group members. John Packer is proud to supply instruments to these Salvation Army musicians around the world.


Salvation Army banner

PHOTO: A banner in the Salvation Army Shop in Wellingborough.

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