What is a reverse leadpipe?

What is a reverse leadpipe?


It's something that comes up on advanced trumpets, but what does it actually mean?


A reverse leadpipe is typically longer than a non-reverse leadpipe. The leadpipe slides into the tuning slide rather than the tuning slide sliding in to the leadpipe. This means that there is no narrowing of the tube, just expansion. This eliminates air push back.
It will give you slightly less resistance and there is better control over tone and intonation.

This is a feature generally only found on trumpets. Check out our diagram below...

Non reverse diagram


Reverse leadpipe diagram

The John Packer JP351SW LT below is an example of a trumpet with a reverse leadpipes:


JP351SWLT instrument shot lacquer 


Want to know more about the JP trumpet range? Read on...



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