John Packer JP124 C Clarinet

  • Student
  • Key C
JP124 Clainet CUTOUT

John Packer JP124 C Clarinet

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The JP124 C clarinet is ideal for the more advanced clarinet player who is looking for an affordable C to use as a second instrument in folk music, orchestras or as a teaching aid to play along with violins, pianos and flutes etc.

Our guide to buying your first clarinet will help you know what to look for and explains the different features that can be found on a clarinet.

Unique benefits

This clarinet benefits from having a rich warm sound generated by the ebonite body. The keywork is finished in a strong nickel plate which makes it an reliable instrument for both the gigging musician and teachers alike.  The JP124 builds on from the JP125 by having a full set of keywork to allow note alternatives to be used as well as an extended range. 

Product benefits


  • Model: JP124
  • Key: C
  • Material: Ebonite
  • Keywork: Nickel Plated
  • Mechanism: Full Keywork
  • Finish: Black
  • Mouthpiece: JP6121


JP124 Clarinet Great Value

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Have just bought the JP124 and think it is extremely free blowing. Ideal for a beginner but as a professional it also suits my needs. Have already tried it on "Billy Elliot" the musical [where I work] and find the intonation pretty good too. Will be perfect for Klezmer Music. A very good value for money instrument.

JP124 Lovely Clarinet

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I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a C clarinet that I would only use once in a while, so I decided to try out the JP124. It's an easy clarinet to blow, has a good sound and intonation. Well worth trying.

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Supplied with

Included as part of the outfit is a standard JP student mouthpiece which is responsive and free-blowing.  The fabric case is compact and is pocketed in order to store small accessories. Also included is a pull-through in order to maintain the clarinet at home.   

Product supplied


Pete Long reviews the JP124 C Clarinet

Once more Pete Long gives an enlightening demonstration on the JP124 C clarinet. No transposition, lots of accessible music and a lovely perky noise!

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