John Packer JP144 Cadence Eb Baritone Saxophone (to low A)

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  • Key Eb
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John Packer JP144 Cadence Eb Baritone Saxophone (to low A)

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The JP144 Eb Baritone Saxophone is ideal for existing players looking for a good quality instrument at an affordable price. It is designed to perform to a professional standard in various groups or ensembles and provide access to the bari sax repertoire.

Unique benefits

The JP144 Cadence features an adjustable thumbrest and adjustable playing spike which can be fully removed giving a choice of playing style and position and increasing comfort.

High specification components can also be found through the instruments construction including key rollers, steel springs and Italian leather resonator pads.

The full baritone range is also achievable through the inclusion of a Low A and high F# mechanism. The rose brass bell and bow produce a rich and warm tone which is easy to project due to the large bell flare.

Product benefits


  • Model: JP144
  • Key: Eb
  • Material: Brass
  • Keywork: Gold Lacquer
  • Mechanism: Full Keywork
  • Finish: Rose Brass Bell
  • Mouthpiece: JP
  • Lyre Box: Yes
  • Instrument Weight: 6.1Kg (13lb 7oz)
  • Weight with case: 14.44Kg (13lb 13oz)
  • Box Dimensions: 115x35x49cm (45x14x19in)
  • Boxed weight: 17.5Kg (38lb 6oz)


JP144 review by David Norwich

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Just to say that I gave the Baritone Sax a good workout this afternoon and can say that it is a fantastic instrument. I also played it to DL and we were both very impressed with the rich tone and overall sound - very near to a Selmer (which would be around £7k!). I was also very pleased with the action and ease of all registers - it purred away on the lowest notes, even using subtone.

John Packer JP144 review

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Before buying it I tried about a dozen other makes and I must say it felt and sounded head and shoulders above anything in it's price range and was comparable to horns twice it's price. If you're in the market for a baritone sax, try the Cadence!

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Supplied with

Supplied with the JP144 is a hard plastic molded case that is wheeled for ease of transportation. The case is also lockable and features a large internal storage space. Also included is a JP mouthpiece, cap, ligature, neck sling and reed.

Product supplied


Pete Long plays the JP144 Cadence Bari Sax

Pete Long gives another entertaining demo on the JP144 Cadence Baritone Saxophone. In this video he shows just how versatile the instrument is in his usual quirky manner.

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