John Packer JP179B Tuba

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John Packer JP179B Tuba

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This tuba is a fantastic compact instrument with 4 front facing valves perfect for wind bands, orchestras and concert bands alike. This isn't a common instrument in the UK, with a forward facing action being more widely used in America and on the Continent. The JP179B is also a wonderful tuba for more experienced players looking for a lightweight instrument for marching bands.

Our guide to buying your first tuba will help you know what to look for and explains the different features that can be found on a tuba.

Unique benefits

Front action valves, meaning the tuba will fit in and blend well with the trombone section of any band/ensemble.

Lightweight, compact design for comfort. Despite its smaller form factor it still performs well in line with other much more expensive (and larger) models.

Fourth valve slightly lower to allow for the smaller little finger.

Thumb ring for comfort when holding the instrument both sat down and marching.

Carriage rings for marching.

Product benefits


  • Model: JP179B
  • Key: Bb
  • Bell Size: Yellow Brass 370mm (14 1/2")
  • Valves: Piston 4
  • Bore: Large 17.5-18.5mm (0.689-0.728")
  • Waterkey: Lever 1
  • Body: Yellow Brass
  • Finish: Lacquer
  • Mouthpiece: JP611
  • Leadpipe: Rose Brass


JP179b Review by Elliott Milum

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Right from opening the case I was amazed at the size of the tuba. The tuba can only be described as a larger looking euphonium. You’d expect the size of the tuba to have a relatively small sound, however through shock, the tuba had a dark sonorous sound.

I was immediately impressed. The first thing any brass player does before they try a new instrument is wiggle the valves. The valves were slick, fast and silent. The production is immediate and clear. The intonation and response through the natural tone rows is superb. In terms of weight and comfort, the tuba is a light and compact instrument that can easily be held and carried about. The tuba contains lots of great features. It can easily fit into a concert band, brass band and even chamber ensembles. I thoroughly recommend any intermediate player looking for a great instrument at a fantastic price!

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Supplied with

The JP179B Tuba is supplied with an entry level John Packer JP611 4L Tuba Mouthpiece and a high quality hardcaset case featuring wheels.


John Packer JP179B Tuba review by Scott Parker - road rep from Musical Innovations

Ideal for players needing a lightweight instrument for marching. Scott Parker from Musical Innovations gives his thoughts.

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