John Packer JP223 Eb Clarinet

  • Advanced
  • Key Eb
JP223 Clarinet CUTOUT

John Packer JP223 Eb Clarinet

Code: 101851

The JP223 Eb clarinet is ideal for the more advanced clarinet player who is looking for an affordable Eb to use as a second instrument in concert bands, orchestras, shows or clarinet choirs.

Unique benefits

This clarinet benefits from having a rich warm sound generated by the ebonite body. The keywork is finished in a strong nickel plate which makes it an reliable instrument for the gigging musician.  

The JP223 builds on from the JP123 by having a full set of keywork to allow note alternatives to be used as well as an extended range. 

Product benefits


  • Model: JP233
  • Key: Eb
  • Material: Ebonite
  • Keywork: Nickel Plated
  • Mechanism: Full Keywork
  • Finish: Black
  • Mouthpiece: JP
  • Instrument Weight: 0.46Kg (1lb)
  • Weight with case: 1.32Kg (2lb 14oz)
  • Box Dimensions: 42x11x20cm (17x4x8in)
  • Boxed weight: 1.58Kg (3lb 8oz)


Great clarinet

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I bought this clarinet to play in musicals, have played it in 'Little Shop of Horrors' and 'West Side Story'. It played fantastic and was a bargain price!!

Good Value Eb Clarinet

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I bought this clarinet as an addition to my Bb Clarinet, Soprano and Sopranino Saxophone collection....
Similar in length and finger spacing to the Sopranino Sax....the tone is far deeper and woodier. Initial questions regarding ease of blowing and reed choice were quickly answered by the use of a Yamaha 4C mouthpiece and a BG flexi ligature....big improvement !!
The other pleasant surprise is that the Eb Clarinet works well with Soprano Sax reeds.....thereby increasing the reed choice considerably....including the interesting recent developments in synthetic reeds.
A well priced clarinet.....excellent for experimenting with....or for occasional doubling where an orchestra requires an Eb clarinet.

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Supplied with

Included as part of the outfit is a standard JP student mouthpiece which is responsive and free-blowing.  The fabric case is compact and is pocketed in order to store small accessories. Also included is a pull-through in order to maintain the clarinet at home.   

Product supplied