John Packer JP351SWHW Bb Trumpet

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  • Key Bb
  • 102491
JP351SW HW Bb Trumpet Lacquer CUTOUT




John Packer JP351SWHW Bb Trumpet

Code: 102490,102491

The JP351SWHW is ideal for an experienced player who prefers a heavy instrument for a centered, powerful sound. An ideal instrument for big band or session work.

Unique benefits

Designed in collaboration with Smith-Watkins, the JP351SWHW features a unique exclusively designed leadpipe to provide a powerful sound. Featuring a heavyweight bell offering a warmer sound and additional heavy top and bottom valve caps, the JP351SWHW offer a satisfying combination of balance and sound ideal for those big band moments.

Product benefits


  • Model: JP351SWHW, JP351SWSHW
  • Key: Bb
  • Bell Size: High Grade Brass - 123mm (4.84"), Heavyweight
  • Valves: Piston 3
  • Bore: Medium-Large 11.65mm (0.459")
  • Water Key: Lever 2
  • Body: High Grade Brass
  • Finish: Lacquer (JP351SWHW)
  • Finish: Silver Plated (JP351SWSHW)
  • Lyre Box: No
  • Mouthpiece: JP 5C
  • Leadpipe: Smith-Watkins design
  • Instrument Weight: 1.26Kg (2lb 8oz)
  • Weight with case: 4.34Kg (9lb 5oz)
  • Box Dimensions: 60x21x30 (23.5x8x12in)
  • boxed weight: 5.1Kg (11lb 2oz)


John Packer JP351SWHW Review

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To sum up this is an excellent instrument. The most important thing a trumpet player needs is a great sound. The second most important thing is accuracy. For the latter the JP351SW-HWS is set up beautifully. Regarding the sound, it has a strong, dense core which broadens into a warm rich sound and ultimately starts to fizz in the altissimo range. I'll happily endorse this trumpet.

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Supplied with

The JP351SWHW is supplied in a JP851 Pro Double Trumpet case, and comes with a JP 5C mouthpiece, a bottle of Ultra Pure valve oil and a maintenance guide to help you keep your instrument in top playing order.

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