John Packer JP331 Rath Bb/F Tenor Trombone

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  • Key Bb/F
  • 102169
Jp331 rath trombone lacquer cutout




John Packer JP331 Rath Bb/F Tenor Trombone

Code: 102108,102169

The JP331 Rath represents John Packer's flagship medium large bore Bb/F tenor trombone designed and manufactured in collaboration with Michael Rath, one of the UK's leading trombone specialists.

The JP331 Rath Trombone has a lovely broad sound, developed in collaboration with UK trombone guru Michael Rath. This JP Rath design combines the simplicity of a single in-line rotary valve with a modern open wrap style.

The development of the JP331 Rath saw the instrument finely balanced to ensure an excellent playing experience for musicians of all levels.

Unique benefits

The JP Rath range of trombones have generated a lot of positive comments throughout the industry and are now in demand across the globe. They are characterised by a professional standard of workmanship and a high level of performance. Often compared with professional models, they compare very favourably with instrument from some of the top makers. The JP331 Rath features a medium large bore (.525") providing players versatility whilst it's 8" bell gives superior sound projection. High Grade 80:20 brass is used in construction throughout. 

Product benefits


  • Model: JP331 Rath
  • Key: Bb/F
  • Bell Size: High Grade Brass 203.2mm (8")
  • Valves: Rotary 1
  • Bore: Medium Large 13.34mm (.525")
  • Water Keys: Lever 2
  • Body: High Grade Brass
  • Finish: Lacquer (JP331 Rath)
  • Finish: Silver Plated (JP331S Rath)
  • Lyre Box: No
  • Mouthpiece: Yes
  • Leadpipe: MIchael Rath Leadpipe
  • Instrument Weight: 1.9Kg (4lb 3oz)
  • Weight with case: 7.1Kg (15lb 10oz)
  • Box Dimensions: 96x28x33cm (38x11x13in)
  • Box weight: 8.3Kg (18lb 5oz)


JP331 RATH Bb/F Trombone

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The JP331 RATH offers the Bb/F combination that is becoming increasingly the popular instrument of choice for young trombonists both in the UK and abroad.
This is where Rath’s experience comes into its own for me – with an instrument that is so well designed and put together that it is hard to think of anything in the same class for the money.
The medium large bore (.525") offers real flexibility throughout the range, a classic well rounded, fully centred tone and great intonation in both the Bb and F guises.
It’s the design, with young student player in mind that impresses most however.
Rath have really put in the hours in the workshop to make sure all the elements blend together to enhance the playing experience.
The trigger mechanism is lightning fast, whilst the adjustable thumb lever is a real bonus – ensuring that even the smallest of hands can work the mechanism in comfort.
The slide has a real slick feel, whilst the warp around design for all the plumbing behind the player’s head has been neatly compacted and expertly balanced with the counterweight. It really does ensure good posture and embouchure even from the smallest of performers.
It’s a really responsive instrument that gives so much back to a player willing to work it hard and with its lightweight case it doesn’t break you back (or your student bank balance) either.

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Supplied with

The JP331 Rath Bb/F Trombone is supplied with a JP mouthpiece, lightweight case and Ultra-Pure Maintenance pack.

The case is well designed to be robust yet lightweight and to provide as much protection to your instrument as possible.

It is equipped with backpack straps and a comfortable should strap as standard and also includes a small storage pocket accessible from the outside suitable for storing small accessories and sheet music.

Product supplied


JP Rath trombones reviewed by Slidin About

Professional trombone quartet, Slidin About review a variety of JP Rath trombones whilst putting them through their paces. Having met and formed whilst studying at Royal Northern College of Music, Steve Jones, Paul Exton--McGuiness, Matt Denney and Nick Birch formed Slidin About in 2008 and have since compiled a diverse and flexible range of repertoire encompassing every genre of music. With extensive experience and expert knowledge of a wide range of trombones, they shared their thoughts on the JP236Rath Alto, JP230Rath, JP233Rath Bass, JP331Rath and JP332Rath. This range of JP Rath trombones represent a sharing of ideas, designs and ethos between John Packer Ltd and world renowned trombone specialist Michael Rath. Through a shared passion for manufacturing a better trombone at an affordable price the JP Rath Range has been designed with quality and affordability in mind.

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