Happy International Tuba Day!

Happy International Tuba Day!


This day dedicated to the lynch pin of ensembles has happened annually for 40 years.

It was founded in 1979 by Joel Day in Philadelphia in the US. As one of only two tuba players in his school band, and suffering with a lack of respect from fellow band members, he decided to set a day aside for recognition of the instrument he loved.

Joel felt that the stereotyped attitudes among people towards tubists and their music was unfair and a distraction. It was assumed that the instruments just go "oompah" in the background, and that the instrumentalists themselves were large and lacking in talent to their counterparts. So the day both educates non-tuba players, and is a day for tubists to celebrate the tuba and reputable musicians. 

40 years later the day is marked around the world.  And the range of tubas are as diverse as the tubists. At John Packer Musical Instruments we have 12 different types of Tuba, and in a variety of finishes.

See them all here!

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