JP371SW Bb Cornet gets a silver upgrade

JP371SW Bb Cornet gets a silver upgrade

Our popular flagship Bb Cornet, the JP371SW, recently received a significant upgrade and now features a solid silver Smith-Watkins specification leadpipe.

This exciting addition builds on the already high performance of the original model giving the instrument a noticeably warmer tone. Players will also find that the change in leadpipe material also ensure a more free blowing experience with less resistance. 

This latest model update also sees the cornet supplied with a greatly improved case. Flagship models, such as the JP371SW will now be supplied in the new JP Pro range of cases. The JP371SW specifically will be supplied with a JP851 Pro Double Trumpet Case enabling players to store a second trumpet or cornet. 

For further details, visit the JP371SW Solid Silver Leadpipe Bb Cornet page.

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