Who is the JP164 French horn for?

Who is the JP164 French horn for?

If you are looking for an accessibly priced full double Bb/F French Horn  then the  JP164 is worth serious consideration. This horn plays equally as well as instruments which can cost up to 3 times as much.

A person looking for their first full double could be any age, so helpfully the JP164 has an adjustable little finger ring and ducks foot which helps with holding the horn.

Another feature giving flexibility to the musician is a reversible thumb lever for players who prefer their horn to stand in Bb rather than F. Although the thumb lever is not adjustable it sits in a good position and is easy to use.

To keep the instrument as simple and carefree as possible mechanical linkage is smooth and quiet - no worries about strings breaking in the middle of a performance!

And finally the instrument is supplied in a lightweight case with built in backpack straps which is ideal for carrying the instrument on your back.

Want some more detailed specs? Click here!


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